Hey! Welcome to Afters!!!

I am Lauren and this is my dream. I have had a passion and love for cooking all my life. Learning from a young age to make food from scratch. This is how my family does it we cook using fresh ingredients and cook meals from scratch from savoury sauces to sweet desserts. Starting from the simplest of ingredients into amazing flavoursome plentiful food.

Because of my love and passion, I achieved my first dream of training at 1000 Hills Chef School. I gained my Chefs Diploma and in my second year an Advanced Pastry Diploma. From there I had the opportunity to travel to Scotland and work at the amazing Gleneagles Hotel in various fields. Deciding to comeback to the country I love South Africa was my next stop. Home again I spent the next few years refining my skills in Pastry and Cake Decorating. I have been in the industry for 7 years including my practical experience in chef school.

Deciding to work to my second dream Here is Afters…

Afters has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. To bring nostalgia back into the kitchen. I always loved good food especially all things sweet.  

Afters aims to entice its clientele with classic desserts, treats and eats that bring new excitement and memories to the dishes they may have loved when they were young. A memory of food is the true essence of why I am a pastry chef. Many people question why you would spend hours of time creating something delicious for only a few moments of enjoyment. However, here at Afters we hold the belief that it is not the moment of simply tasting and eating our products. But rather the memory it creates for the customer on leaving, the feeling of wanting to come back to have it again. The excitement of wanting to taste that first memorable bite again.

Afters is for the food lover, those customers that are excited to taste, entice, experience and indulge in food and not only the need for it. We aim to create a fun, comfortable and new experience to all that pass by the stall and eventually a home away from home for all that walk through the doors of Afters.