Afters? The Story Behind my name?

Being a South African girl with British parents and family, there were always small differences that would pop up over the years. Whether it was in the traits I picked up, traditions that we had as a family or even as simple as a different use of a word or two. One of my favourite memories was when visiting […]

Hi I’m Lauren the Chef behind Afters

Here’s a little look into my thoughts about my passion for sweets, treats and all things delicious. I will give you a view into all the fun I get up to in and out of the kitchen with food. On my blog you can see what’s on my mind, food I love and what I make […]

Who doesn’t Love an Apple Crumble with a Twist

Do you ever wake up on a cold winters day craving that delicious memorable, warm the soul apple crumble? Today was that day for me and as I had a time to kill, I thought I would have a little fun. Testing out recipes always lifts my mood, and I have been wanting to test […]