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Bespoke Cakes – Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

  1. All orders need 2-3 weeks lead time a minimum of 5 days lead time is necessary.
    1. We can sometimes accommodate a shorter lead time this is dependent on bookings and events around the date of order.
    1. The more lead time you can give us the better chances to ensure a booking is made
  2. We reserve the right to turn down any orders we feel we cannot accommodate due to (design, booking availability, budget, delivery schedule, or notice given of event)

3.  Payment

3.1 Deposit and cancellation

  • 50% Deposit due on placement of order.
  • Balance due 1 week before delivery. No work will be started unless paid in full. Please note that some preparations start well in advance.
  • Deposits are non-refundable. 
  • No refunds will be made for orders canceled within the week of the event.

3.2 Small orders or late orders

  • Late orders or orders less than the value of R1500, payment must be made in full on receipt of invoice.

4.  Delivery & Collection

4.1 Collection

  • An agreement between the client and shop must be reached regarding the time of collection.
  • Should the order not be collected within 30mins of the agreed time a new collection time or date will need to be arranged.
  • We recommend cakes be served within 48hrs
  • On collection of the cake, the risk passes to the client the moment the cake has been handed over.
  • We provide all the necessary details to ensure a safe hand-off and trip from collection to destination. 
  • No responsibility whatsoever will be taken by us for any damages or deterioration of the cake due to unfavourable conditions, transport, or storage.

4.2 Delivery

  • Full details must be given on the date, venue, time of delivery etc.
  • Delivery time will be accommodated as best as our delivery schedule will allow
  • Delivery is charged at a tiered rate and is calculated based on the distance from our premises in Linden. We reserve the right to deny delivery based on distance and quoted cake amount. The delivery date is guaranteed but the delivery time is not! Delivery charges are subject to change at any time.
  • The picture will be taken of the cake at delivery, whether set up or handed over to event staff.
  • No responsibility will be taken by us for any damages or deterioration of the cake due to unfavourable conditions or storage at the venue. This includes unfavorable weather conditions, fire places, etc.
  • We instruct the venue staff on any set up instruction we feel should be adhered to depending on conditions on the day.
  • Once we have advised on these instructions, we hand over the responsibility to the venue and therefor you as the client.

5.  Non-Edible Decorations, fresh flowers, foliage and Structure

  • We use a number of none edible structures, boards and certain décor in our cakes.
  • It is a common practice in our field and we therefore cannot instruct on all these practices to all clients but ensure our best to instruct as much detail when possible.
  • Items like wired sugar flowers, plastic/metal or wooden dowels for structure, cake boards, cake toppers, ribbon, toothpicks etc. are NOT edible.
  • Fresh flowers/foliage are not edible in most instances. Dried rose petal and small pansy’s are used and are edible however large flowers are not edible.  
  • We cannot always guarantee the type, colour or replication of flowers shown in an image. We will do our best to get seasonal flowers and designs similar to images.
  • Should the client want to provide flowers through a florist this helps with ensuring client is happy with choice of flowers.   

5.  Other T&C that may apply.

  • Should our products be used in any photoshoots or product displays we reserve the rights to these images and brand recognition.
  • Designs may not be changed or damaged during styled photoshoots, or published without consent.
  • We cannot guarantee a nut/egg/allergy free environment when making our cakes.
  • We do our best to ensure allergens are adhered to should we be advised upon the allergies.
  • Your product has been made in a kitchen that contains, nuts/dairy/egg/gluten/soya 
  • Advise and recommendations will be given on the best before date and how to handle and store the cake. Most cakes can be successfully stored in airtight containers, and refrigerated.
  • No two cakes will ever be identical.
  • We advise cakes be stored in the refrigerator until 1 hr before serving to bring to room temp.
  • No direct sunlight should be in contact with the cake at any point.
  • We do not take responsibility for any spelling, specifications or details that may have had a mistake once cake has been signed off on.
  • Note different sponges and fillings are made with different recipes therefore you cannot expect the same exact textures of sponges, buttercreams used in each different flavour you choose.
  • Should the cake not live up to expectation, we need to know on collection, as delivery has been made or we need provided evidence of complaint in a personal meeting to dee if any refund will be applicable.