Afters? The Story Behind my name?

Being a South African girl with British parents and family, there were always small differences that would pop up over the years. Whether it was in the traits I picked up, traditions that we had as a family or even as simple as a different use of a word or two.

One of my favourite memories was when visiting my family overseas. We would have a family meal and at the end of the meal I would hear my absolute favourite question… “Who wants Afters?”

This has always been what I look forward to in a meal “What’s for Afters?”. What do I have to look forward to after the meal, the delectable taste of something sweet and delicious to make the ultimate finale to a fantastic meal with family and friends.

This made the choice for my business name one full of meaning and memories. The essence of Afters Treats and Eats is nostalgia and family, so why not have it in the name. A name full with memories, new meaning and something to look forward to at any time.

Afters can be anything from a quick bickie and a cup of tea, a slice of mouth-watering cake, a humble piece of pie or your favourite dessert of choice.

So, ask yourself what’s for Afters? 

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