Hi I’m Lauren the Chef behind Afters

Here’s a little look into my thoughts about my passion for sweets, treats and all things delicious. I will give you a view into all the fun I get up to in and out of the kitchen with food.

On my blog you can see what’s on my mind, food I love and what I make when I’m not producing my sweet treats.

I will give you a tour of the experience’s I have with friends and family with food, who those friends and family are and what they love about food and how they influence me.

At Afters we love the nostalgia food brings to us, what memories you get from the smell of biscuits coming out the oven (or anything in the oven to be fair). I want to share with you that picture of the fresh produce you saw on your trip abroad, hearing the sound of a crackling fire and it bringing you back to the toasted marshmallows over the braai after a day of fun in the sun.

All the dishes I create come from memories or what I’d love to create as a memory. To achieve this, I use my ideas of comfort, love and laughter in my dishes. I will give you a peek into the journey as to how I get my ideas to create new treats from friends, family and the stories we relive with the memory of those delicious flavours.

Let’s talk about food in new ways.


I am all about the love of food, from sweet to savoury, sharing meals, or having a sneaky treat alone. Cooking, baking, sharing, creating and the secret ingredients of love and laughter.

Get to see the face and faces behind the creations you get to taste. At Afters we don’t only want you to love what we have to offer but we want you to feel a part of the family. To experience the comfort, memory and happiness in every bite.

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